Monday, March 28, 2011

I have been busy...

I have not posted for a while but I have been busy. This month, I have been making my own polymer clay mosaic tiles and carrying out a learning exercise. I have used small 4" (10 cm) square canvases as a base for creating a series of small mosaic pieces based on the Pohutukawa flower. There will be six in total, when I have completed this exercise, using different styles of mosaic. I will post some photos when they are all complete.

I am doing this to decide which style of mosaic work to use before I attempt a larger size of mosaic artwork. I have a couple of 12" (30 cm) square canvases that I am intending to work on next - but I am still undecided as to whether to work on board or canvas. The canvas is good because it is all ready made and can be hung straight on the wall, but I am not sure as the size gets larger, if the canvas will start to sag with the weight of the tiles - I will find out when I start one of these larger pieces.

I am also experimenting with different acylic mixtures to grout the tiles as I fear that if I use normal tile grout, it might eat away at the canvas (?). If I stick the tiles on to a wood or MDF base, then I could just use ordinary tile grout. I need to make a decision about which type of base to use soon, before I start to spend time creating larger pieces of artwork.

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