Monday, August 24, 2009

A Review of August 2009

This month has been a bit frustrating, as I have been unable to finish anything. I have now got plenty of FP sticks and other bits and pieces to experiment with and have made a few trial pieces. Unfortunately, I have had to wait over two weeks (due to incompetant couriers) to get the Envirotex Lite for the finishing coat, which I did yesterday. I checked it tonight and it has all set nice and hard and smooth. It really does make the Friendly Plastic look like glass.

SORRY, NO PHOTOS (I forgot to photograph them before they were sold). The pendants are fine but the small pictures will need another coat. I have found that if you make larger pieces of FP, they tend to curl up at the edges and even the E6000 glue will not hold it down - consequently some bits are protruding through the layer of Envirotex Lite. We will be away next weekend, which is why I am writing this now, so it will be two weeks before they get a second coat and are complete (I need to do it on a weekend in daylight, as the lighting here is too poor in the evenings).

In fact, even the small 'mosaic' pieces I made have curved slightly at the edges. They were fine when I first made them but have been waiting around for a month or so to be glued. When I start the big round mirror, I must glue the pieces on to the frame within a few days of making them.

Despite the frustrations of the month, I have also had inspiration - I now know what I want to concentrate on making with FP for the immediate future. It was on 13th August that I first had the idea of 'Art-Brooches' - a small, one-off piece of art that can be worn as a brooch, but when not being worn, fits into a frame so it can be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand. I have been busy planning and starting some designs but do not want to say anymore at the moment until I have actually made some trial pieces. Hopefully, in September I can concentrate on the idea more - as well as finding time to create my entry for the 'Surf and Sand Design Challenge'.

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