Sunday, July 12, 2009

First atempt at the hot water technique

This afternoon I finally finshed my last painting, which now means I can concentrate all my spare time on working with Friendly Plastic. I had a quick go at softening FP in hot water. After all the set up of filling my electric frying pan with water and using a thermometer to get it to the right temperature (60-70 degrees Centigrade), my first attempts did not work that well when trying to fuse strips together. I then tried softening some plastic to manipulate three dimensionally - that did not work well at all. It seemed a lot easier to fill a cup with near boiling water and just dip the item in quickly, guessing when it was ready. I obviously need to spend more time working on this technique.

The results of the Marbling Magic Design Challenge should be decided and posted in a few days time.

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