Friday, July 31, 2009

A Review of July 2009

After the thrill of winning the random selection prize in the Design Challenge, I have now got down to working on some designs for things to make with FP, apart from jewellery. I have made some different shaped 'tile' pieces to put together to make a small 'mosaic-style' design. I have several small MDF block canvases and have worked out a couple of different mosaic-style designs for these. I am also thinking about decorating the large round mirror frame that I have.

I still need some more materials and equipment but am working on this. I have now got a monthly 'pocket money' allowance, which means that I can at last start ordering what I need. Getting things here in New Zealand is proving to be the main problem - virtually everything has to be imported - so it all takes time (and extra cost!). Not good for an impatient person!

I have lots of ideas, which is good. I am just having to work on designs/ideas at the moment, until the materials arrive. The only thing I have not sourced yet is Envirotex Lite, to seal my finished pieces.

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