24 January 2022

A-Z & more - name claimed 24.01.2022

Having just found out that a big arts event over the Easter weekend has been cancelled due to Covid (Omicron) restrictions, I am thinking more and more about selling online. As an addition to my mosaics, which I still feel need to be seen in the flesh to appreciate, I have been thinking about making decorative letters, words and signs. I was going to try these out under the name WhangaCraft, at the local Sunday market in Whangamata (this small outdoor market is still likely to go ahead, as there would be less than 100 people there at any one time). 

However, for selling online, WhangaCraft does not convey what the product is, which is why I am now thinking of using the name 'A-Z & more'. The '& more' gives me the option to include anything else I fancy making along with the main idea of letters, words and signs.

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