Monday, November 1, 2021

Figuring out the way forward

Since leaving my job at the end of June, I have spent the last four months considering, researching and trial designing many different and varied creative ideas.

For various reasons, either in terms of design/manufacture or selling (all major markets in the region have closed down due to Covid 19 restrictions), I am no further forward. I have even considered changing medium but I keep coming back to polymer clay mosaics. I think this is because it is where my enjoyment, satisfaction and skill lies. So, now I am finally settled on my way forward, I will try and develop my mosaics to be more profitable.

In the New Year, I will re-brand my website, simply as Claire Fairweather – Mosaic Art and Design. I will create the ‘mosaic art’ that I so love to do, and the ‘design’ allows me the freedom to include other designed items, whether they include mosaic or not.

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