Friday, August 4, 2017


approx. 15cm (6 inches) in diametre
polymer clay mosaic

I started creating this piece while thinking about the next large mosaic picture I was going to do. I had no plan, just tiles made in the colours I wanted to use, which I placed as I pleased. It was a bit like doing a 3D jigsaw puzzle with no picture, just fitting the pieces together as I went along, but quite relaxing. While I was doing this, I kept trying to think of a title for the finished piece, and came to the conclusion it should reflect my state of being when I made it. This also seems appropriate as there are different meanings to the word ‘contemplation’, which reflects the fact that this sphere has different levels of complexity in its design. Most simply it is covered with round mosaic tiles; these tiles vary in size; several colours have been used in the design and there are various shades of each colour; the random placement of all these elements creates a complex organic pattern, which I hope both mesmerizes and soothes the viewer.

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