Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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It is the same image made up of round mosaic tiles:
A – computer generated mosaic using the Percolator app from Apple
B – actual mosaic created with handmade polymer clay mosaic tiles 

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  1. Honestly, I LOVE both, but for different reasons. First, the color scheme is gorgeous! The handmade tile one, (B), is exquisite and obviously has the refinement of a well polished, finished work. It is graceful, the composition holds my attention visually and the matte finish is a great choice. I think that is something missing from (A). Since, (A) is a more complex rendering, a matte finish would likely be a necessity to avoid looking too "busy". I cannot see it in real life, though I'd love to, but it is clearly labor intensive and every detail is taken into account and rendered perfectly. I want this in my home!!
    Piece (A) is, to me, just as fabulous in concept, but although the computer aided design is lovely, I think it would not fully bloom unless the work was brought to fruition with your handmade tiles. That said, as a true lover of stippling, pointillism, mosaic, or whatever term you prefer, I think that mixing it up with the more adventurous use of a greater variety of sizes mingled in with less traditional placement method gives the work a little kick in the ass, so to speak. I love both, but I think that mixing it up a little could be fun and a well received new style to sprinkle into your portfolio.