Friday, April 15, 2016

Plans taking shape

Part of my indecision about what to do is because although I really enjoy creating artwork with my ‘dot mosaic’ technique, it is very time consuming (making all the tiles as well as placing them to create the design/picture). I do not think I will be able to sell the pieces at a price that will justify the time I have spent creating them, when I could be doing more paid work. I have also missed not taking part in the markets/events, where I get to meet people and gauge their reaction to my work. For this reason, I came to the conclusion that the ‘dot mosaics’ should be my hobby and that I should try and find something else to develop as a small business.

I still keep coming back to the idea that I want to make small souvenirs for visitors to our country that are actually made in New Zealand. I have dabbled at various ideas (some not even with polymer clay) but have not really come up with anything different that I think I could make profitable. It is very hard to compete with souvenir items made in China.

Then this morning I had the idea of creating original ‘dot mosaic’ designs, which could be photographed and the images used for greetings cards, prints, jewellery and possibly other items like t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc. I might be getting a bit carried away here but I think it is worth trying out on a small scale to start with, to see how it works out. The images will be mine, and totally original, from my own mosaic artwork created in New Zealand. Being able to reproduce the images on various different items may mean that I can gain some ongoing income from my original dot mosaic artwork, which I so enjoy doing.

For the first time, since we have moved, I feel inspired and with a plan to put into action. I just need to come up with some good designs!

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