Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Taster Workshops at Dunkleys Show

 It is now exactly one month until the Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show.

SHOW SPECIAL: Discover Polymer Clay - only $7 at Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show, North Shore Events Centre from 11am - noon on each day:
Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2013

"Squeeze, twist, shape & bake" + lots of ideas
This is your chance to have a go. Get some in your hands and squeeze the clay to condition it, twist the different colours to create a marbled effect, cut a shape from the rolled sheet and bake it to harden. You will take this away with you, along with many ideas for things you can easily make from polymer clay, and hopefully the desire to do more.
Polymer clay comes in a vibrant array of colours; easily cut, shaped or moulded into flat or 3D pieces with many fascinating ways to decorate and texture the surface. Hardened by baking at oven temperatures (no kiln required), it is so easy to use at home for all sorts of hobbies and creative uses.
To book ring Claire on 021 0297 7697 or email

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