Saturday, April 21, 2012

More experiments with mould making materials

Earlier in the year I started experimenting with different mould making materials, see post

Here are the results of some more experiements, using the same angular mosaic form that I used in the previous ones.

Left: The cream coloured mould was made with Sculpey Mold Maker. I thought this would be better because it was not going to set in about 5 minutes - I could just bake it when I was happy with it. It was so soft and sticky it was impossible to roll very thinly (for creating a texture plate) and too sticky to go through the pasta machine. It also distorted a lot due to the softness of it.

Centre: I then tried mixing 50% Sculpey Mold Maker with 50% Sculpey Premo, thinking that this might stiffen it up a bit. I did manage to roll this a bit thinner but it still distorted quite a bit and again was quite soft to use. When baked it was slightly less rubbery than the pure Mold Maker.

Right: This mould was made with pure Sculpey Premo, which was firmer and but it was hard to press all the way into the thin joints - you can see the relief is less marked - and no good for making a mould to stamp mosaic imprints.

Out of all the materials I have tried, the Gedeo Siligum gave the best results but would be difficult to used for making sizeable moulds of this nature due to its quick setting time.

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