Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Look Studio

'Studio' is used with 'artistic licence'. I have been working on my folding craft table in the apartment - a far cry from the custom built studio at the end of the garden that I once had in the UK. Several house moves later and then the decision to emigrate to New Zealand meant my whole art and craft set up, including tools and materials, was greatly condensed down to a few large cardboard shipping boxes and my trusty folding craft table.

As we are currently living in a rented apartment, any furniture has to be free-standing so, in an attempt to improve my creative working space and make the apartment look more tidy, I have invested in a new desk and a large bookcase, which will become my very 'compact studio'. The photo shows this transformation in progress. The idea is to eventually have some sort of drop down covering on the front, to hide all the clutter when it is not in use.

The immediate advantage I have noticed so far is having my pasta machine at a height suited for use when standing up.  It also means that I can screw the machine down to the shelf it is on, rather than relying on the clamp to hold it in place, which tends to work loose.

I am not sure when this project will get completed, as I am busy preparing teaching aids and advertising material for my 2012 schedule of workshops, but I will eventually post a photo of the finished look.

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