Saturday, December 31, 2011

My last post of the year

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2011 was to "enjoy and prosper from my creativity". I have certainly “enjoyed” everything I have done with polymer clay – and have learned so much more in this last year. The “prosper” part has been a little more difficult in the current economic climate. Here I will take the opportunity to review my goals for 2011:

To expand my range of HANGAs in both surface decoration and shape, and to find more sales outlets – I have experimented with many different types of surface decoration and did try out some heart and square shaped HANGAs as well as the original circular shape. I have continued to sell my HANGAs through Craftworld (Westgate) but apart from trying on-line, have still only sold them through craft markets. I have not pursued other outlets, as I intend to wind down production next year, to concentrate on teaching workshops/classes.

Open an Etsy shop to sell my HANGAs, and other pieces of polymer clay art/craft work, to a wider audience – My Esty shop was launched on 1 August, however, I feel a lot more study is required to make this method work for selling, when so many others are selling through the same site. Next year, I may try (New Zealand website similar to Ebay) but I much prefer the physical interaction with customers at the markets/fairs, than waiting for an on-line sale.
To create some polymer clay mosaic artwork. (This was my original reason for trying this medium, which has somehow got lost as the Art-Brooches and HANGAs developed, when I had less time for creative work) – I have created several polymer clay mosaic pieces that I am proud of and have ideas for many more, which will gradually become realised as time permits.

To get some polymer clay art/craft work in a few selected galleries, to establish some credibility here in New Zealand – I have exhibited polymer clay work twice in the gallery at the Mairangi Arts Centre. Next year I will need to look at other galleries, particularly as the New Zealand Art Guild, with its exhibiting opportunities, sadly closed down last week.

Try teaching some polymer clay workshops, initially through the Mairangi Arts Centre, to introduce others to the joy of working with this fantastic medium – I am currently preparing material for two different workshops (Introduction to Polymer Clay and Polymer Clay Mosaics). I accepted a number of dates for Spring 2012, to do Saturday workshops at the Mairangi Arts Centre but for some reason (which they have failed to explain to me) these were not published in their brochure, so I am now working on running these myself and creating my own publicity.


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