Friday, October 8, 2010

More experiments with Klimt-style canes

In order to try and understand how to predict the outcome when creating Klimt-style canes, I have recently been making some with just black and white clay and some with black, white and grey/silver.

Just using black and white discs of clay, here some of the same colours are placed next to each other and the ordering was done in a repeating pattern

The resulting Klimt-style cane made from the log of discs above

This cane was made with a random placing of black and white discs, rather than in a repeating pattern

This cane included grey and silver as well as black and white clay

I have noticed that the first colour used when creating the log of different coloured discs, tends to predominate throughout the cane, so in future I will start with a light colour, as this last cane appears very grey. 

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