Monday, November 9, 2009

AMACO Friendly Plastic Butterfly Design Challenge

Today I posted off my butterfly design for the AMACO Friendly Plastic Butterfly Design Challenge. It is called "Rainbow Shimmer". This was made very quickly at the weekend, to take advantage of the extended deadline for entries.

This butterfly was made by pressing FP from behind through a preformed metal butterfly shape. Next I need to try making some butterflies, just from FP, using the marbling technique. I have a commission for a butterfly brooch and said I would have a few to choose from at the next St Heliers Art & Craft Market.


  1. Very pretty Claire. Thanks for participating. Can't wait to see your butterfly in person!!

  2. Thank you AMACO. I had really wanted to take part in this Design Challenge but was busy last month getting ready for my first Art-Brooch sales event. Then, when the deadline for entries was extended, I thought here is my chance before I start anything else.

    "Rainbow Shimmer" is small but beautiful - I hope she stands out amoung all the other butterflies you receive.