Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marbling Magic Design Challenge - entry

Yesterday, I submitted my entry for The Art of Friendly Plastic 'Marbling Magic Design Challenge'. The challenge was to design three or more pendants using various marbling techniques. The three pieces I finally submitted bore no relation to my original design ideas (some of which did not work out so well and some I was restricted by a limited amount of tools and accessories) but I felt these were reasonable attempts for a novice.

The closing date was 15th June, which was a bit of a rush, as most of this month has been taking up with 'temping' work, job interviews and negotiations. After I had submitted my entry, I found out that the deadline for the competition had been extended to the end of the month. Never mind, it is done now. I will just have to wait with curiosity to see the standard and designs of the other entrants, when they are posted for voting.

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