What are they for?

·        CALMING – they feel nice to hold in your hand, just as they are, and make great ‘calming stones
·        GIFT – can be made into jewellery, charms, key-rings & other decorative accessories
·        MEMENTO – give as a keepsake, they can be personalised for a special occasion
·        MESSAGE – longer lasting than a greetings card to convey a message
·        SOUVENIR – a lasting reminder of your holiday in NZ, hand-made by a local artist

How do I make Swirl-StoNZ?

By rolling selected colours of polymer modelling clay into a ball and rotating it up to 100 times using the polymer clay lentil (or century) bead technique. I often add some extra detail, with slices from specially made canes or incorporate images into the patterns as they inspire, before baking to harden and preserve the design. Each one is unique.

I call the resulting lentils ‘StoNZ’, as they are created here in New Zealand. The swirl pattern is reminiscent of the Maori ‘koru’ symbol, which represents new beginnings, growth and harmony. As all Swirl-StoNZ are created by me, I can make them in your choice of colours or personalise them – please ask for special requests.

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